Luke and Lacey were surrendered in December 2017 by a Good Samaritan who found them living on his property.

They have adjusted nicely to indoor life and are ready to find their forever homes! Their foster Dad writes:
Luke was a little more shy at first. It took him about an hour to come up to me while Lacey was on my lap in a matter of minutes. Once Luke warmed up to me, he was actually more friendly than Lacey. He greets me when I get home, and follows me around more. I live in duplex that is divided most of the time, but when I open it up, Luke comes out first and usually stays out, while Lacey will come out eventually but often goes back to their side. When they have access to the other side they are still often exploring around, and dont really sit with anyone much, but I think that would change over time. They are much friendlier in the area they are more familiar with.

They are fine with the other cats and the dog, even though the other cats are not thrilled about them yet. They are curious, but give them their space for the most part.

Lacey is far more mischievous than Luke, climbing and pawing at everything. She is also a little more skittish, and less tolerant. Luke you can pick up and flip over, hang upside down, spread his toes, rub his belly and he is totally fine with it. Lacey is not that fond of those things, but does roll over for brief belly rubs. I have not noticed any scratching, biting

or hissing if they are fed up, they just squirm and try to get away.

They definitely

still have kitten behaviors and are very playful. They will come check in, then dart off to play with something and repeat every couple minutes.
If you are interested in adopting one or both of them please visit our website at to read over our adoption information and fill out an application.

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